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Ceiling Domes

Orac Decor Ceiling Domes introduce features and focal points into a room and for the reflection of light. Made from tough polyurethane these are much easier to install than plaster and less prone to damage during installation. Orac Decor Ceiling Domes can be used both internally and externally. Supplied with a factory applied primer, just finish with a top coat of paint.

The F10 Ceiling Dome is surface mounted with the larger F11 and F12 being inset. Ceiling Domes are an attractive embellishment for luxury homes and apartments with many lighting options. Once installed can be enhanced with lighting. To Install your Ceiling Domes use the Orac Decor formulated fixing adhesives. DecoFix Pro for standard interior installations and DecoFix Hydro for new plaster, damp environments and exterior installations.

Advantages of Orac Decor Ceiling Domes

Orac Decor Ceiling Domes are installed in many exclusive worldwide developments. Please see our Projects section for examples and ideas.

Ready for Immediate Use - Orac Decor Ceiling Domes are available from stock for next day delivery. Plaster ceiling Domes need to dry before installing and finishing.

Clean - Installation of Orac Decor Ceiling Domes only require Orac Decor formulated adhesives, perfect for refurbishment and new build projects. Plaster Ceiling Domes are messy to install and there is considerable waste water and dust.

Easy to Install - Orac Decor Ceiling Domes, due to their lightweight, are easy to install needing only Orac Decor formulated adhesives and minimal mechanical fixings. There is no need to pin whist fitting as with plaster Ceiling Domes. Normally only one person is needed to install Orac Decor Ceiling Domes. Due to being made from tough polyurethane Orac Decor Ceiling Domes can be installed in virtually and type of ceiling or wall. Lowered ceilings and plasterboard walls.

Time Saving - Orac Decor Ceiling Domes can be installed much faster and easier, whereas installing plaster Ceiling Domes is a heavy and difficult job which takes time and additional skills.

Fast Finishing - Orac Decor Ceiling Domes are pre-primed ready for the chosen final coat of paint. The polyurethane is a smooth surface which does not absorb paint reducing the painting required. Plaster Ceiling Domes do not come primed and require sealing. Plaster Ceiling Domes are difficult to paint as the surface is not smooth and absorbent, requiring multiple coats.

Detailed Design Features - Traditional plaster Ceiling Dome moulds tend to produce rounded detail. Orac Decor Ceiling Domes are made using steel moulds which are very detailed and precise. The repeated use of plaster Ceiling Dome moulds rounds the detail whereas with Orac Decor Ceiling Dome moulds the detailing is consistent.

Strong and Shock Resistant - Orac Decor Ceiling Domes are tough, hard and difficult to break. Plaster Ceiling Domes are easily broken and shattered. An extremely relevant issue if broken after taking delivery.

Developing Cracks - Due to humidity plaster will expand and contract over time, drying and ageing, which results in cracking. This will not happen with Orac Decor Ceiling Domes being made from polyurethane.

Suitable in Humid Environments and Exterior Use - Orac Decor Ceiling Domes are impervious to moisture so can be used in humid environments such and swimming pool areas and external projects.