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Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian Decorative Columns, Pillars & Pilasters

Our Orac Decor Column and Pilaster Collection offers a rich variety of designs suitable for both Interior and Exterior applications. Each column and pilaster is made from three component parts to give installers maximum flexibility. We can supply as complete column or pilaster sets or as individual capitals, shafts and plinths. The components can be interchanged in many cases to create the desired design and size. Shafts can be trimmed at the base to adapt the size.

Each Column and Pilaster component is made from tough man made polyurethane, and has a primer coat of paint pre-applied. Installation with Orac Decor formulated adhesives only needs general DIY skills and simply finish with a top coat of paint. Unlike wooden or plaster pilasters and columns these components will not rot, warp or crack and do not have the weight restrictions of stone. If a stone finish is required please call us for a quotation.

Exterior Or Interior Use? - Our Columns, Half Columns, Pillars and Pilasters come pre-painted with primer and can be used in either application. Select a paint suited to your needs. Remember that you can disguise rainwater down pipes inside your column where it is being used under a canopy or portico.

Full Column Or Half Column? - Whichever you choose, we can help. Typically full columns are used for interiors and new build applications, where half columns can be used against a wall or to cloak unsightly structural support on exterior applications.

Plain Or Fluted Columns? - The choice is yours, but consider the application. Whilst plain columns are very popular, the fluted design is the easier option for cloaking steel uprights. The ridge of the flutes effectively masks the join where two half columns are used to create a full column.

Wide Or Narrow? - Imposing detached houses in their own grounds will look far more elegant when featuring a 300mm (12") diameter "slim" column, whilst more modern housing on estates lend themselves to the 200mm (8") "wide" designs. Always ensure that you allow sufficient space for access through doorways.

Tall Or Short? - Our standard range benefits from a variety of plinths. Where heights in excess of 2325mm (7'8") are required use a taller plinth and cut it down accordingly to create a suitable column.

Can I Fit It? - Any competent DIY enthusiast should find the installation possible. All columns and pilasters are supplied in three sections (shaft, capital and plinth) for ease of handling and positioning. Fitting guidelines come with each column or can be downloaded from the product pages.

Decorating Your Columns and Pilasters - Having installed your columns, leave the adhesives to cure for 24 hours before decorating. Each column comes with a white primer, and is ready to accept a final coat of paint. We recommend water based acrylic paints, which are readily found at Painter and Decorator merchants or DIY shops. Please ensure you select a paint suitable to your application.

Whilst a high proportion of our customers finish their columns in white, you may wish to create a coloured or marbled effect.

Advantages of Orac Decor Columns and Pilasters

Orac Decor Columns and Pilasters are installed in homes and many world wide exclusive developments and hotels, see our projects section.

Ready for Immediate Use - Orac Decor Columns and Pilasters are available from stock for next day delivery. Plaster Columns and Pilasters need to dry before installing which can take up to two weeks. Wooden Columns and Pilasters need knotting, priming and undercoating. The Orac Decor adhesives cure quickly so finishing can be completed faster than with wood or plaster Columns and Pilasters.

Clean - Orac Decor Columns and Pilasters require only the formulated adhesives to install. Perfect for refurbishment and new build projects. Plaster Columns and Pilasters are messy to install, creating considerable amounts of water waste and dust. Wooden Columns and Pilasters usually need screws or nails to fix, which then need smoothing and joints made good.

Easy to Install - Due to the light weight but tough material, Orac Decor Columns and Pilasters only require our formulated adhesives and one person to install. There is no need to pin or screw as with plaster or wooden columns and pilasters and Orac Decor Columns and Pilasters can be installed onto any surface including partitions and board.

Time Saving - Orac Decor Columns and Pilasters can be installed much faster and easier, whereas installing plaster and wooden Columns and Pilasters is a heavy and difficult job which takes time and additional skills.

Fast Finishing - Orac Decor Columns and Pilasters are pre-primed ready for the final coat of paint. Orac Decor Columns and Pilasters have a smooth surface which does not absorb paint, reducing the painting required. Plaster Columns and Pilasters need priming, require sealing and are difficult to paint as they do not have a smooth surface which absorbs paint increasing the painting required. Wooden Columns and Pilasters need the joints to be made good and then to be knotted, primed and undercoated.

Detailed Design Features - Plaster Column and Pilaster moulds tend to produce rounded detail. The steel moulds used for Orac Decor Columns and Pilasters are very detailed and precise.

Strong and Shock Resistant - Orac Decor Columns and Pilasters are tough, hard and difficult to break. Plaster Columns and Pilasters are easily broken and shattered.

Developing Cracks - Orac Decor polyurethane Columns and Pilasters will not develop cracks over time in the way wooden and plaster Columns and Pilasters will.

Suitable in Humid Environments and Exterior Use - Orac Decor polyurethane Columns and Pilasters are impervious to moisture. Plaster and wooden Columns and Pilasters take in moisture and will degrade over time.

Hollow - Orac Decor Columns are hollow and available as full or half columns. Useful for surrounding new or existing structural supports.