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Ceiling Domes - Edwardian and Victorian Ceiling Domes


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Orac Ceiling Domes House Martin is delighted to offer beautiful ceiling domes to add a luxurious dimension to your home. Nothing compares with the elegance a dish shaped "dome" can provide. We offer three popular styles, which suit the majority of room sizes. Professional installers and developers looking for an easy installation when refurbishing properties will find the F10 an ideal choice, as it can be surface mounted.

Our larger F11 and F12 designs are broader and require installation into a ceiling void, which can sometimes necessitate trimming of joists above. Ceiling domes are an attractive embellishment for luxury homes and apartments, and work best when used in conjunction with extravagant light fittings. Illumination within a dome can be gently diffused by the curved walls of a dome, taking the harshness away from bright lamps.


Advantages of Orac Décor Ceiling Domes

Orac Décor is installed in many exclusive worldwide developments. Examples include The Savoy, Hilton and Intercontinental. 60% of European continental builders now specify products which Orac Decor manufacturers and are increasingly being used in the UK.

Ready for immediate use: Orac Decor ceiling domes are available from stock for next day delivery. Plaster ceiling domes need to dry before installing; this can take up to two weeks. The glues used with Orac Decor cure quickly whereas plaster installation take time to dry before finishing can commence.
Clean: Orac Décor ceiling domes only requires glue, perfect for refurbishment and new build projects. Plaster ceiling domes are dirty to install, creating considerable amounts of water and dust. Refurbishments using plaster ceiling domes can problematic and damage the existing infrastructure.
Easy to install domes: Orac Decor ceiling domes due to their lightweight only require glue to install and minimal mechanical fixing compared to plaster ceiling domes. Plaster ceiling domes normally require two people due to their weight, whereas installation of Orac Decor ceiling domes can be installed by just one person. Due to their lightweight Orac Décor ceiling domes can be installed on to any type of ceiling, including lowered ceilings.
Time saving: Orac Decor ceiling domes can be installed much faster and easier, whereas installing plaster ceiling domes is a heavy and difficult job which takes time and additional skills.
Fast finishing: Orac Decor ceiling domes are pre-primed ready for the chosen final coat of paint. Orac Decor ceiling domes have a smooth surface and does not absorb paint, so only the final coat is required. Plaster ceiling domes do not come primed and require sealing. Plaster ceiling domes are difficult to paint as they do not have a smooth surface. Importantly plaster ceiling domes absorb paint and up to three coats are required.
Strong & shock resistant: Orac Decor ceiling domes are tough, hard and difficult to break. Plaster ceiling domes are easily broken and shattered. These issues are extremely relevant in both delivery and installation.
Developing cracks: Plaster ceiling domes are prone to crack through drying and aging.
Suitable in humid environments: Orac Décor ceiling domes are impervious to moisture. Plaster ceiling domes can take in moisture and so is less suitable for humid and exterior environments.

All our domes are usually despatched and delivered with 7 to 8 working days. We are happy to offer other ceiling decorations including most ceiling roses on a next working day basis where requests are received prior to 12 noon.

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