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Ceiling Roses - Art Deco, Edwardian and Victorian Ceiling Roses

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NMC Ava Ceiling Rose
30cm D
(£17.00 exc. VAT)
NMC CR5 Ceiling Rose
55cm x 6cm
(£57.84 exc. VAT)
NMC CS5 Ceiling Rose
55cm x 55cm x 6cm
(£72.45 exc. VAT)
NMC R10 Arstyl Ceiling Rose
60cm D
(£52.34 exc. VAT)
NMC R11 Helena Ceiling Rose
66cm D
(£53.76 exc. VAT)
NMC R12 Arstyl Ceiling Rose
82.5cm D
(£70.56 exc. VAT)
NMC R14 2 Arstyl Ceiling Rose
34cm D
(£30.23 exc. VAT)
NMC R15 1 Julia Ceiling Rose
56cm D
(£37.80 exc. VAT)
NMC R1517 Carla Ceiling Rose
30cm D
(£17.00 exc. VAT)
NMC R1520 Sara Ceiling Rose
40cm D
(£26.56 exc. VAT)
NMC R18 Arstyl Ceiling Rose
60cm D
(£54.60 exc. VAT)
NMC R20 Arstyl Ceiling Rose
75.5cm D
(£65.76 exc. VAT)
NMC R23 Arstyl Ceiling Rose
51.5cm D
(£34.03 exc. VAT)
NMC R24 Laura Ceiling Rose
77cm D
(£66.00 exc. VAT)
NMC R25 1 Victoria Ceiling Rose
96.5cm D
(£107.00 exc. VAT)
NMC R5 1 Arstyl Ceiling Rose
40cm D
(£34.96 exc. VAT)
NMC R6 Arstyl Ceiling Rose
42cm D
(£37.80 exc. VAT)
NMC R61 Arstyl Ceiling Rose
42cm D
(£47.60 exc. VAT)
NMC R70 Andrina Ceiling Rose
40cm D
(£27.13 exc. VAT)
NMC R72 Valencia Ceiling Rose
51cm D
(£34.56 exc. VAT)
NMC R73 Arabella Ceiling Rose
51.5cm D
(£32.86 exc. VAT)
NMC R74 Imelda Ceiling Rose
52cm D
(£40.06 exc. VAT)
NMC R75 Francesca Ceiling Rose
71cm D
(£64.70 exc. VAT)
NMC R76 Alanna Ceiling Rose
74cm D
(£58.40 exc. VAT)
NMC R8 Arstyl Ceiling Rose
49.5cm D
(£43.00 exc. VAT)
NMC R9 Millennia Ceiling Rose
53cm D
(£34.10 exc. VAT)
R07 Ceiling Rose
26cm D x 3cm P
(£21.87 exc. VAT)
R08 13 Ceiling Rose
38cm D x 4.2cm P
(£32.88 exc. VAT)
R09 Ceiling Rose
48.5cm D x 3.7cm P
(£47.47 exc. VAT)
R10 Ceiling Rose
15cm D x 4.2cm P
(£10.92 exc. VAT)
R11 6 Ceiling Rose
19cm D x 3.6cm P
(£12.75 exc. VAT)
R12 4 Ceiling Rose
19.5cm D x 1.8cm P
(£13.42 exc. VAT)
R13 6 Ceiling Rose
28cm D x 3.1cm P
(£18.20 exc. VAT)
R14 Ceiling Rose
33cm D x 3cm P
(£29.27 exc. VAT)
R17 Ceiling Rose
47cm D x 3.5cm P
(£45.65 exc. VAT)
R18 12  Ceiling Rose
49cm D x 4.7cm P
(£45.65 exc. VAT)
R22 Ceiling Rose
77.5 x 53 x 3.6cm P
(£84.87 exc. VAT)
R23 Ceiling Rose
71cm D x 4.4cm P
(£91.39 exc. VAT)
R24 Ceiling Rose
79cm D x 6cm P
(£100.59 exc. VAT)
R27 Ceiling Rose
75cm D x 4.5cm P
(£90.00 exc. VAT)
R31 Ceiling Rose
38.5cm D x 2.7cm P
(£34.70 exc. VAT)
R40 Ceiling Rose
74.5cm D x 3.1cm P
(£91.39 exc. VAT)
R50 1 Ceiling Rose
32cm D x 3.8cm P
(£18.14 exc. VAT)
R52 Ceiling Rose
69.5cm D x 4.8cm P
(£96.52 exc. VAT)
R61 1 Ceiling Rose
40cm D x 3.1cm P
(£31.50 exc. VAT)
R64 Ceiling Rose
95.2cm D x 4.8cm P
(£142.80 exc. VAT)
R66 Ceiling Rose
54.5 / 43cm D x 2.4cm ...
(£46.28 exc. VAT)
R73 Ceiling Rose
70cm D x 5.9cm P
(£89.55 exc. VAT)
R76 Ceiling Rose
62cm D x 4.1cm P
(£77.12 exc. VAT)
R77 Ceiling Rose
62cm D x 4.2cm P
(£77.12 exc. VAT)


Orac Ceiling Roses With over 30 different ceiling roses to choose from we are sure that we have something to suit your needs. Each of our ceiling centres is produced from a tough lightweight polyurethane material, which comes with undercoat already applied to save you time. So whatever your style, contemporary, art deco, traditional or floral we will be happy to despatch your requirements today.

Ceiling Roses and Ceiling Medallions are a highly decorative addition to a room complimented by coving and panel mouldings. Orac ceiling roses and ceiling domes are high quality giving fine detail, and are light and easy to install.

Visit our Special Offers Page for sale and end of line discontinued ceiling rose mouldings at heavily discounted prices.

Our Orac Decor ceiling roses are easy to install by the professional or DIY, requiring only general skills and adhesive. An easy way to make an impact when redecorating your room.

Ceiling Roses and Ceiling Medallions are a highly decorative addition to any room complimented by coving and panel mouldings. Orac Decor UK ceiling roses are high quality with fine detail, and are light weight but indistinguishable from plaster.

Select a ceiling rose image or link from our range above to visit the page providing full details of each ceiling rose, and to purchase the ceiling rose online, along with the ceiling rose adhesives, installation tools and ceiling rose installation guides.

Advantages of Orac Décor Ceiling Roses

Orac Decor UK products are installed in many exclusive worldwide developments. Examples include The Savoy, Hilton and Intercontinental.

Ready for immediate use: Orac Décor ceiling roses are available from stock for next day delivery. Plaster ceiling roses need to dry before installing; this can take up to two weeks. The glues used with Orac Decor cure quickly whereas plaster installation take time to dry before finishing can commence.
Clean: Orac Decor ceiling roses only requires glue, perfect for refurbishment and new build projects. Plaster ceiling roses are dirty to install, creating considerable amounts of water and dust. Refurbishments using plaster ceiling roses can problematic and damage the existing infrastructure.
Easy to install ceiling roses: Orac Decor ceiling roses due to their lightweight only require glue to install, there is no need to pin as with plaster ceiling roses. Plaster ceiling roses normally require two people due to their weight, whereas installation of Orac Décor ceiling roses can be installed by just one person. Due to its lightweight Orac Décor ceiling roses can be installed on to any type of ceiling, including lowered ceilings.
Time saving: Orac Decor ceiling roses can be installed much faster and easier, whereas installing plaster ceiling roses is a heavy and difficult job which takes time and additional skills.
Fast finishing: Orac Decor ceiling roses are pre-primed ready for the chosen final coat of paint. Orac Decor ceiling roses have a smooth surface which does not absorb paint, so only the final coat is required. Plaster ceiling roses do not come primed and require sealing. Plaster ceiling roses are difficult to paint as they do not have a smooth surface. Importantly plaster ceiling roses absorb paint and up to three coats are required.
Detailed design features: Traditional plaster ceiling rose moulds tend to produce rounded detail. The steel moulds used for Orac Decor ceiling roses are very detailed and precise. The repeated use of plaster ceiling rose moulds rounds the detail whereas with Orac Décor ceiling roses the detailing is consistent.
Strong & shock resistant: Orac Decor ceiling roses are tough, hard and difficult to break. Plaster ceiling roses are easily broken and shattered. These issues are extremely relevant in both delivery and installation.
Developing cracks: Plaster ceiling roses are prone to crack through drying and aging.
Suitable in humid environments: Orac Decor ceiling roses are impervious to moisture. Plaster ceiling roses can take in moisture and so is less suitable for humid and exterior environments.

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