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CX127 Aberdeen Coving

CX127 Aberdeen Coving

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(£14.38 exc. VAT)
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The CX127 coving offers nearly 4" x 4" coverage with sculptured elegant lines. Use this coving design when seeking a classical style without breaking the bank. This coving produces a superb effect for medium and large rooms. The CX127 has options for factory cut external and external corners and is also available as an extra long 2.6m length or for curved walls, in flexible coving.

Inspiration and adhesives, see below.

This lightweight coving is a popular choice with both DIY and professional cornice installers. The Orac Axxent Duroploymer material has good detailing, tough construction and also benefits from a primer coat which has been applied in the factory to save you time. The 94 x 94mm CX127 coving design is similar to the smaller CX100 coving, but has a larger corner coverage of over 5 inches when measured diagonally.

The material is lightweight, and should be treated in much the same way as wood. Use a rigid blade saw and mitre box for corners. Even sticking the product to your wall and ceiling is easy if you select our specially formulated adhesive. We also recommend FX210 adhesive for joints and mitres. Ideal for kitchen coving and lounge coving. The flexible coving option is for curved walls where the coving needs to bend (radius minimum 2.4m). Use the rigid coving on the straight walls in the rest of the room. Samples of the CX127 coving are available to order below.

Install using the correct adhesives.

9.4cm high x 9.4cm deep x 200cm long.

Light weight resilient man-made Duropolymer®.

Available as rigid 200cm, rigid 260cm and flexible 200cm mouldings.

Technical drawing PDF

Coving installation guide

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 Please select any corners, 2.6M and Flexible lengths you may require.

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