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Orac Decor MODERN Designer Contemporary & Art Deco Mouldings

» Modern Designer Contemporary Art Deco Mouldings
SX179C Diagonal Coving
9.7 x 2.9 x 200cm
(£27.52 exc. VAT)
SX180 HIGH LINE Coving
12 x 1.6 x 200cm
(£24.37 exc. VAT)
SX180 HIGH LINE Skirting
12 x 1.6 x 200cm
(£24.37 exc. VAT)
SX181 HIGH LINE Coving
20 x 2.2 x 200cm
(£40.55 exc. VAT)
SX181 HIGH LINE Skirting
20 x 2.2 x 200cm
(£40.55 exc. VAT)
SX182S Skirting Moulding
1.3 x 5 x 200cm
(£7.48 exc. VAT)
SX183S Skirting Moulding
1.3 x 7.5 x 200cm
(£10.97 exc. VAT)
SX184S Skirting Moulding
1.3 x 11 x 200cm
(£14.48 exc. VAT)
SX185 Skirting Cover
12 x 2.5 x 200cm
(£15.20 exc. VAT)
WT22 Wallstyl Coving
6cm x 25.5cm x 200cm
(£23.83 exc. VAT)
WT24 Wallstyl Coving
15cm x 15cm x 200cm
(£20.68 exc. VAT)
WT25 Karena Arstyl Coving
7.8cm x 7.8cm x 200cm
(£9.50 exc. VAT)
WT26 Arstyl Coving
7.5cm x 7.5cm x 200cm
(£8.00 exc. VAT)
WT3 Convex and Lighting Coving
8cm x 11cm x 200cm
(£18.58 exc. VAT)
WT4 Uplighting Coving
7cm x 18cm x 200cm
(£23.56 exc. VAT)
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Modern Mouldings For over 100 years now, modernists such as the Bauhaus have been breaking away from the past. Using new technologies, believing in man's power to create and reduce living to its essence of simplicity and purity. Form through function. This "out of the box" thinking is the source of inspiration for the development of Orac Decor's latest MODERN collection. With the theme of "less is more", we return to the essence and search for symbiosis between architecture and decorative art.

In the Modern collection we have included Orac Decor's existing contemporary and designer profiles which compliment these latest designs. All of these contemporary designs are ideally suited to modern constructions of all spaces from residential to commercial.

Orac Decor UK have been developing designs for contemporary living and this has culminated in the Modern Collection. 2016 has seen the introduction of five new ranges of contemporary modern profiles.

The L3 is a range of four Linear LED Lighting designs which can be use individually or in combination. These contemporary modern lighting profiles are all suitable for lighting ceilings, walls and floors.

Steps is a Linear Movement coving cornice with a range of four contemporary and modern sizes. The two smallest, C390 and C391 can also be use for lighting and as curtain profiles.

High Line is a much needed contemporary and modern skirting available in two sizes. The compliment the other contemporary and modern profiles beautifully.

Diagonal is a highly adaptable contemporary and modern Light Line Coving and Skirting which can be used either way and multiply to great effect.

3D Wall Panels is a series of five contemporary and modern Geometric Volume shapes which allow the user to create stunning wallscapes.

All of these new contemporary and modern mouldings have built on the previous designer profiles listed in our Modern collection of contemporary mouldings. So if you have a contemporary and modern home that needs coving cornice, dado rail and skirting, these are the designs for you.