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Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian Decorative Full Columns

» Full Columns and Components
K1002 Slim Fluted Shaft
199.5cm H x 22cm D
(£338.23 exc. VAT)
K1102 Slim Plain Shaft
202cm H x 22cm D
(£338.23 exc. VAT)
K1112 Slim Doric Capital
30cm H x 36.5cm W
(£156.99 exc. VAT)
K1122 Slim Corinthian Capital
30cm H x 36cm W
(£248.05 exc. VAT)
K1132 Tall Square Plinth
57.5cm H x 35cm W
(£292.89 exc. VAT)
K1152 Small Round Plinth
12.5cm H x 32cm D
(£96.54 exc. VAT)
KC1 Corinthian Column
2.425m H (max)
(£682.82 exc. VAT)
KC2 Corinthian Column
2.875m H (max)
(£879.18 exc. VAT)
KC3 Corinthian Column
2.415m H (max)
(£682.82 exc. VAT)
KC4 Corinthian Column
2.865m H (max)
(£879.18 exc. VAT)
KD1 Doric Column
2.43m H (max)
(£537.97 exc. VAT)
KD11 Doric Column
2.12m H (max)
(£376.43 exc. VAT)
KD2 Doric Column
2.88m H (max)
(£788.03 exc. VAT)
KD5 Doric Column
2.42m H (max)
(£593.96 exc. VAT)
KD6 Doric Column
2.87m H (max)
(£788.03 exc. VAT)


Decorative Full Columns House Martin offer a broad selection of full columns to suit the majority of requirements. Plinths can be cut down to create the correct overall height. Alternatively, for exterior porticos, mount your columns on a brick or stone pier to create additional height.

Our range consists of Doric columns, Ionic columns and Corinthian columns, the main difference being the style of the capital. Our range of Segmented Columns caters for exceptional heights. Column components are also available separately enabling you to create your own individual column style.

Our full columns come pre-painted with primer and can be used for either interior or exterior applications. Select a paint suited to your needs. You can disguise rainwater down pipes inside your full column where it is being used under a canopy or portico.

Click here for our range of half columns and half column components.

Choosing the Right Design Our range consists of Doric full columns, Ionic full columns and Corinthian full columns. The different capital designs are shown here. After deciding to install a full column, use the guidelines below to help you select the correct design

Exterior or Interior Use? - Our full columns come pre-painted with primer and can be used in either application. Select a paint suited to your needs. Remember that you can disguise rainwater down pipes inside your full column where it is being used under a canopy or portico.

Full Column or Half Column? - Whichever you choose, we can help. Typically full columns are used for interiors and new build applications, where half columns can be used against a wall or to cloak unsightly structural support on exterior applications.

Plain or Fluted? - The choice is yours, but considers the application. Whilst plain columns are very popular, the fluted design is the easier option for cloaking steel uprights. The ridge of the flutes effectively masks the join where two half columns are used to create a full column.

Wide or Narrow? - Imposing detached houses in their own grounds will look far more elegant when featuring a 300mm (12") diameter column, whilst more modern housing on estates lend themselves to the 200mm (8") designs. Always ensure that you allow sufficient space for access through doorways.

Tall or Short? - Our standard range benefits from a variety of plinths. Where heights in excess of 2325mm (7'8") are required use a taller plinth and cut it down accordingly to create a suitable column. If you need a column that extends beyond the height of a single story select from the KDXL range; the fluted design has been used on a variety of heights from 2.69 meters (8' 10") to over 18 meters (60ft)!

Can I Fit It? - Any competent DIY enthusiast should find the installation possible. All columns and pilasters are supplied in three sections (shaft, capital and plinth) for ease of handling and positioning. Fitting guidelines come with each column and are also available here. Remember to use only Orac Adhesives, with Orac DecoFix Hydro the preferred choice for exterior and bathroom installations. Use Orac DecoFix Pro and Orac Fix Extra on all other applications.

Decorating Your Columns - Having installed your columns, leave the adhesives to cure for 24 hours before decorating. Each column comes with a white primer, and is ready to accept a final coat of paint. We recommend water based acrylic paints, which are readily found at Painter and Decorator merchants. Please ensure you select paint suitable to your application. Your paint centre can advise on exterior or interior grades.

Whilst a high proportion of our customers finish their columns in white, you may wish to create a coloured or marbled effect. To the right we have shown a few of these finishes which were created by professional decorators. If you experience difficulty in finding a suitable decorator you may find your local art college has willing and capable students who can assist as part of their course work.

If you are looking to add a touch of grandeur to your orangery or conservatory project, why not consider the addition of columns. Our columns are suitable for exterior and interior use in conservatories and orangeries, and call easily tolerate humid conditions.

Adhesives - the range of Orac adhesives and fillers can be found on the Adhesives page. Please be aware that installation of Orac products with non-Orac adhesives may invalidate the warranty.