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R31 Ceiling Rose

R31 Ceiling Rose

Price: £34.02
(£28.35 exc. VAT)
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A 15 inch Ceiling Rose featuring ornate detailing, with a 4 point leaf relief to the circumference and 8 radius mouldings to the perimeter. The R31 is suitable for use in any room with a classical style.

Inspiration and adhesives, see below.

The R31 ceiling rose will appeal to those who would rather break with convention. The R31 design has a blend of curves around the circumference, and scalloped detailing at the 3 O'Clock and 9 O'Clock positions. A raised panel moulding is inset from the outer edge, and fancy detailing features in the centre. Overall the R31 ceiling rose is some 15 inches across, and will suit those seeking an extravagant style.

Each ceiling rose is made in an expensive steel mould which gives the customer unsurpassed detailing. The R31 ceiling centre comes with a primer coat of paint pre-applied in the factory, and just requires a final matt or gloss coat to suit your room. Every ceiling rose within the House Martin range is sent out with fitting instructions.

Install using the correct adheives.

38.5cm diameter x 2.7cm projection.

Made from Light weight resilient polyurethane.

Technical drawing PDF

Installation guide

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