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R46 Ceiling Rose

R46 Ceiling Rose

Price: £56.70
(£47.25 exc. VAT)
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A 21 inch diameter ceiling rose featuring a simple flower design, which is surrounded by relatively plain concentric rings. The R46 will bring a floral theme whilst still looking contemporary.

Inspiration and adhesives, see below.

The Orac R46 ceiling rose features a simple floral theme bordered by two prominent concentric circles. Whilst the design is certainly decorative, it isn't as intricate as larger floral designs like the wider R24 ceiling centre. Although the R46 Luxxus ceiling rose is predominantly used in domestic rooms and hallways, it would also be a fitting item for refurbishing older buildings which often featured high ceilings with long pendant lighting.

Each R46 ceiling moulding measures 535mm across, and is made from tough polyurethane. One slip and a gypsum or plaster rose of this size would shatter, whilst ours may bounce across the carpet and invariably remain intact. Using FDP500 or FDP700 adhesive this item can be neatly installed, with the adhesive acting as filler on uneven or artexed ceilings. If you are giving your home a thorough renovation, why not also consider our cost effective CX106 coving?

Install using the correct adhesives.

53.5cm diameter x 4.2cm projection.

Made from Light weight resilient polyurethane.

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