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K3202 XL Plain Shaft

K3202 XL Plain Shaft

Price: £472.42
(£393.70 exc. VAT)
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Wide extra large plain column shaft, for Columns: KD9, KD10, KI9 and KI10. For exterior or interior use. Easy to install using general DIY skills. Extra height for taller applications. Wide column lends itself to more imposing sites. Lightweight, sharp detail, straight lines, smooth finish and paintable.

Wide XL plain column. Shaft component to be used independently or in conjunction with other Orac plinth and capital products. Orac architectural columns have significant advantages over plaster columns, stone columns or marble columns. Ease of installation, weight and supplied with a primer coat of paint. Doric, Ionic and Corinthian are Greek columns. Roman columns were a later development of these. Install as a single column or pillar, pair of columns or pillars, or even a series. For a portal, portico, stoa, roofed colonnade, canopy or entrance porch. As an ornamental entry threshold, covered doorway or gateway. These columns can be used as a baluster for a balustrade for an ornamental parapet to a terrace or balcony. For an architectural folly, garden column or pillar.

Install using the correct adhesives.

Maximum Height: 241.5 centimetres.

Maximum Diameter: 33.2 centimetres.

Material: High density, rigid polyurethane.

Compatible with: K3142 Wide Ionic Capital, K3112 Wide Doric Capital, K2132 Large Round Plinth, K3152 Octagonal Plinth.

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