Ceiling Coving & Cornice Mouldings Range Selector

Luxxus is our Premium Luxury Coving and Cornice collection, Axxent our Standard DIY Coving and Cornice collection and Basixx Value our Trade Coving Cornice Budget range. Click the image below to view each range. House Martin's high quality coving and cornice is popular with householders, builders and interior designers in over 70 countries. Samples are available to order online from each product page and our Projects section is packed with ideas from designer installations, UK and worldwide.

Visit our Special Offers Page for our end of line and discontinued products, all with heavily discounted prices. Coving and cornice, architrave, dado rail and ceiling roses are available at sale prices whilst stocks last.

Luxxus Coving & Cornice Collection is a huge range of designs and sizes for the discerning home owner, and is the preferred coving and cornice for Premium Homes, Hotels & Restaurant refurbishment. The hardened polyurethane Luxxus ceiling coving and cornice and Luxxus wall panelling / dado rails are manufactured in state of the art steel moulds which produce superb definition. Each design of Luxxus coving and cornice is factory painted with a primer coat, ready for your final top coat of paint. Unlike plaster coving or cornice, paint is not drawn into the surface, reducing the number of coats required.

Our Luxxus Premium Coving and Cornice range includes larger profiles which suit grander rooms with high ceilings. Choose Luxxus coving and cornice when aiming to create sophisticated traditional, modern classic or art deco style. Many Luxxus ceiling coving, cornice and panel mouldings / dado rails are available in a matching flexible material which can be used for bay windows, curved walls or arched doorways. Most of the designs are in stock, but please allow approximately one week for the flexible mouldings. View Luxxus Ceiling Coving & Cornice Mouldings.

New for 2014 are our decorative mouldings to fit over the C338 Canterbury large coving and cornice.

Axxent Coving & Cornice Collection is the preferred choice for the DIY installer. Each design is lightweight and much easier and quicker to install than fibrous cement or plaster coving or cornice. Axxent ceiling coving and cornice is made from a lightweight and hard polyurethane which is supplied factory painted with a primer coat. Compared to fibrous cement and plaster, paint will not be absorbed into our coving and cornice, greatly reducing the finishing painting required.

Tradesman skills are not required, as this hardened polyurethane material can easily be installed by one person. Typically Axxent ceiling coving and cornice can be installed on one day, and painted the next. Gaps due to uneven walls are usually not a problem as our adhesive will also double as filler disguising minor uneven surfaces in the wall or ceiling. The Axxent Collection ceiling coving and cornice is ideal for most installations with standard ceiling heights and room sizes. Most designs of coving and cornice in this collection are in stock and available for delivery within 48 hours during week days. View Axxent Ceiling Coving & Cornice Mouldings.

New for 2014 is our introduction of flexible coving and cornice to our Axxent range. These are designed to be used with their rigid equivalent. Use rigid coving and cornice for the straight walls and the bendable, flexible coving and cornice for curved walls and window bays.

Basixx Coving & Cornice Collection is our bulk buy trade coving and cornice. Supplied in box quantities or individual lengths, this range offers astounding value. Each Basixx ceiling coving and cornice design is a soft polystyrene profile and is supplied painted with a primer coat. Basixx coving and cornice is quick and easy to install and can transform the appearance of a home for very little and in no time at all.

Whether you are a trade user or retail user, Basixx ceiling coving and cornice is a great budget value product, covering many meters with great value. There are lots of profiles to choose from, each with a distinctive style, and with a choice of sizes. Each delivery comes with an installation guide. Please allow approximately one week for delivery. View Basixx Ceiling Coving & Cornice.

Advantages of Orac Decor Coving and Cornice

Orac Décor coving and cornice has been installed in homes and exclusive developments throughout the world. See our Projects section for examples. The majority of European builders specify polyurethane coving and cornice and with good reason. ORAC nv/sa is the leading European manufacturer of innovative decorative synthetic mouldings and ornaments.

Why?:If Polyurethane coving or cornice had been invented before plaster coving or cornice, why would plaster have ever been used? We are asked by traditionalists, 'but it's not plaster?' Absolutely not. It is so much a better material. However to satisfy the traditionalists, once installed it is indistinguishable from plaster coving and cornice.
Immediate installation: Our coving and cornice is stocked at our central depot and for an order in the morning delivery for in stock items is next working day. The adhesives to install Orac Decor coving and cornice cures quickly to allow finishing within hours. Newly manufactured plaster coving and cornice can take up to two weeks to dry sufficiently before installing. Additionally installation of plaster takes considerably longer than polyurethane coving and cornice. Plaster coving and cornice will also take longer to dry before finishing can commence.
Clean: House Martin coving and cornice only needs adhesive to install, ideal for refurbishment, decorating and new build. Fibrous cement and plaster coving or cornice installations result in large amounts of excess water and dust during installation. This is not ideal in anything but a new build and can result in damage to existing infrastructure.
Easy to install: House Martin coving and cornice can be easily installed by one person. Our grab adhesive and the lightweight polyurethane material is in stark contrast to fibrous cement and plaster which normally needs two people to handle and requires support pinning, whilst the plaster coving cornice dries, which has to be removed later.
Time saving: House Martin coving and cornice can be installed considerably faster, by one person rather than two. Fibrous cement and plaster coving or cornice usually needs experience and trade skills adding to the time required.
Fast finishing: House Martin coving and cornice is supplied painted with a primer surface. This smooth non porous surface only requires a top coat of paint. Plaster coving and cornice is usually porous and  requires sealing. With plaster multiple coats of paint are usually needed to achieve a good finish on what is often a rough surface.
Detailed designs: House Martin Luxxus coving and cornice is made by Orac Décor in steel moulds which produces excellent definition and consistency. Plaster coving or cornice moulds tend to produce a slightly rounded finish to the detailing and this rounding increases with the repeated use of the moulds. This can result in matching difficulties. House Martin Axxent coving and cornice is manufactured by extruding. With most of the designs being 'line' this enables these profiles to be better defined and more consistent than plaster coving or cornice.
Strong and shock resistant:Polyurethane coving and cornice is strong and shock resistant. Fibrous cement and plaster coving and cornice can easily chip and crack when being handled. This also makes transportation problematic.
Cracks: Over time fibrous cement and plaster coving or cornice tends to develop cracks as result in changes of humidity. Orac coving and cornice will not, and with the use of ExtraFix, joints and mitres fuse and become super strong.
Humid and exterior environments: Polyurethane coving and cornice is completely impervious to moisture, so this material is ideal not only to avoid long term cracking, but in bathrooms and kitchens. It can even be used outside. Fibrous cement and plaster coving or cornice will absorb moisture and dry resulting in expansion and contraction.
'Flexi' Coving cornice for curved walls: Orac Décor Flexi coving and cornice is a unique product. Made in the same steel moulds as the rigid lengths this enables both materials to be installed together. The rigid coving and cornice used on the straight walls and Flexi on the curved walls. The need for bespoke installation of coving and cornice in bays and curved walls is a thing of the past.

Depending on the number of lengths required most of House Martin coving and cornice is held in stock. An order in the morning can be delivered next working day. If additional stock is needed we have weekly container deliveries from the factory, so delivery to the customer should never be more than a week or so. We can, and have delivered throughout Europe, so please do not hesitate to phone for a quote. It can be much cheaper than you think.

For the lower value orders there is a carriage charge, but please remember these items have to be packed as per the order and, being over 1.6m Royal Mail will not take them, so have to go by courier. This impacts on the Highlands of Scotland and Islands as the carriers charge more. Please phone for a quote as we will always try to accommodate you.

A great service is our sample service. There is no better way to choose your coving and cornice, but in the room it is to be installed. On the individual product page, scroll down to the sample option. There is a one off packing and carriage charge of £4 (this includes a brochure) and 99p per sample. It is often a good idea to order more than one design to help with your choice by having comparisons. For those situations where matching an existing coving or cornice installation is required please give us a call and we will try to help. We are so confident with our coving and cornice products we have no problem with returns, all we ask is the return be within our terms and conditions.

New 2012 coving and cornice designs:
C337 coving cornice, a graceful 'S' design cornice for large rooms.
C338 coving cornice, a grand concave cornice.
C339 coving cornice, a tall classic line drag cornice available as both rigid and flexible for curved walls.
C340 coving cornice, a grand tall line drag cornice for the largest of rooms.
C361 coving cornice, a simple modern LED uplighter cornice, square with a drag line design on the front.
C362 coving cornice, a graceful convex uplighter LED cornice as a standalone uplighter or subtle room surround.
C364 coving cornice, a dramatic reverse 'S' LED cornice with optional end caps as a uplighter wall light.
CX100 coving cornice, CX106 coving cornice, CX109 coving cornice, CX123 coving cornice, CX124 coving cornice and CX127 coving cornice are now all available in both the original 2m and now 2.6m versions to accommodate the trade and DIY user.

New 2013 coving and cornice designs:
C370 coving cornice, a 'Cloud' cornice for larger rooms.
C371 coving cornice, a 'Shade' uplighter cornice.
C372 coving cornice, a 'Fluxus' uplighter cornice.
P3071 coving cornice, a 'Golf' large contemporary cornice.

New 2014 coving and cornice designs:
CX100F coving cornice, flexible option to rigid London coving cornice.
CX109F coving cornice, flexible option to rigid Ripon coving cornice.
CX110F coving cornice, flexible option to Cheltenham coving cornice.
CX124F coving cornice, flexible option to Brighton coving cornice.
CX127F coving cornice, flexible option to Aberdeen coving cornice.
CX132F coving cornice, flexible option to Scotland coving cornice.
CX148F coving cornice, flexible option to Orac coving cornice.
C338A coving cornice, decorative moulding to fit over the C338 Canterbury coving cornice.
C338B coving cornice, decorative corner moulding to fit over the C338 Canterbury coving cornice.